The Event

A team of driving enthusiasts are taking on the NSW South Coast and Alpine regions.

Featuring a mix of old cars and modern 4WDs, the group starts its four-day tour in Nowra NSW on the morning of Friday 31 March 2017. 

The tour will finish up around Goulburn NSW on Monday 3 April, having tackled rural and forest regions as well as high altitude alpine meadows.

To join the group or for more information visit

Please see below for a list of Fundraisers and to make a donation;

Peter and Trish Fehon

Justin Small

Michael Lucchese

Megan Hodges

Lyndy & Darryl

Josh Boniface

Peter Dooley

Master Electrical

David Jones

Phil & Evelyn Granger

John Fehon

Colin Kendall

Peter Garrett

Just Cuts

Sam Kanaan

David Donohoe

Conor, Sean & Joe Kersh

John Charters

Tim Murphy

Ian Bollen

Llew & Sue Moore

Slide Lounge & Cabaret

9/9 With JA and Wazza

Jarryd & Alan

Alan & Hamish

Sell & Parker

Al, Noel & Myles

Hamish Wall

Scott Whiddett

Mark Loparow

Camm Myrtle

Michael Skinner

Bob Black & Mike Van Zyl

Andrew Hurt

Ken Ewing

Mark Devereux

Dr Warwick Mackay

Bernard & Julie Fehon

Hamish Petrie

David Clarke

Gary O'Sullivan

Justin Leavey

Alan Quinlan

Christopher Whittaker

Luke Hazell

Rob Leslie

X85 Ely Murphy Curryer

Peter Besseling

Richard Lennox

Tony & Cath Conacher

Frank Mercuri

Peter Cusack




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